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Special events took place around Fortess Kijkduin what is really interesting for the Dutch History

Admiraal Verhuellplein

The square in front of fortress Kijkduin is named after Admiral Verhuell, who has played a special role in Den Helder but also in the Dutch history.  

Lighthouse Huisduinen

Huisduinen is known that before 1636 it already had wood and coal fire for the purpose of supervision of shipping. On October 29, 1822 the first and only defensible lighthouse at fortress Kijkduin is put into operation. The lighthouses weight creates cracks in the fortress so they had to find another location. On April 1, 1878 is the current cast iron lighthouse ‘’de lange Jaap

Battle at Kijkduin

  The battle at Kijkduin was a seabattle between a Dutch and a French-English fleet on August 11, 1673.  

Mutany at the Nijenburg

A few of the mutaneers were hanged at the gallows of fortress Kijkduin at September 17, 1764. The ship is called after the estate with the same name in Heiloo

British and Rusians raid

De grootste en bloedigste slag uit de Nederlandse Geschiedenis vond plaats op 26 augustus 1799 toen de Engelsen nabij Fort Kijkduin Nederland binnenvielen.   The biggest and the bloodiest battle of the Dutch history took place on August 26, 1799 when the English entered the

Frigate de Vreede

  In a raging storm for the coast of fortress Kijkduin stranded the frigate de Vreede on October 14, 1824. While saving the crew, several  rescuers were killed. This shipwreck was the reason for the founding of the Reddingswezen.  

Zeebad (seabath) Huisduinen

    More than 100 years ago, they have been working hard on the development of Huisduinen to a sea bath. This had to do with the relaxation of the building in the prohibited areas around or for

HD 160 `Lammie`

For many disappeared from the memory or might not be known at all - the hunft fot the HD 160 'the Lammie' . The strart of a large-scale police operations against drugdealing.
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