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Kids parties

Something to celebrate with the kids?

This is possible at the most exciting fortress of the Netherlands!

Visiting with or without accompaniment

Access to the museum and aquarium

Join a thrilling treasure hunt in and around the fortress


We have three treasure hunts:


Get to know the fortress

Find the mice

Find the birds.


To conclude, there are fries with mayonnaise, frikandel and lemonade

Costs: € 10,- per child and the parents of the birthday child have free entrance.


Guided: €15,- extra for the guide

Duration: approximately 2,5 hours

The birthday boy or girl may feed the sharks if they dare! treasure hunt

Can you find the hidden treasure of fortress Kijkduin?


A visit supervised by our head guide.

An exciting journey through the fortress and the aquarium with our head guide, who knows all the ‘’secret spots’’ of the fortress.


To conclude, there are fries with mayonnaise, frikandel and lemonade.

During the meal there is a possibility for the birthday boy or girl to unpack presents.

Duration: approximately 2,5 hours

Reservations: 5 days in advance

For more information and reservations call (+31)223 612366.

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