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On a schooltrip to fortress Kijkduin is not only acquainted with the history, but you can also get active in our Napoleonic fortress. We would like to point out that there is still much more to see in Den Helder. For example you can combine your schooltrip to us with the Helderse Vallei or the Reddingsmuseum. We would be pleased to arrange this for you.


Discover fortress Kijkduin

You can go on your own way with your group and explore the fortress and the history. There is obviously sufficient documentation or an exciting treasure hunt present with us to prepare you for that. Ask for it during the booking.

Costs: € 5,- per person.


Explore fortress Kikduin with a guide

Our guide wil lead you and your group through the fortress and will tell special stories from the past.

Costs: €5,50 per person.


Discover fortress Kijkduin with a guide and afterwards defending the fort

Our guide will lead you and your group through the fortress and wil tell special stories from the past. Afterwards you can show all together what you are worth in the Yong Napoleon Experience.

Costs: € 15, per person.


If your want to close your schooltrip with a snack, drinks and fries the extra costs per person will be: € 3,50. Information and bookings via: info@fortkijkdhuin.nl or (+31)223-612366.

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