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Wedding ceromonies

Everyone would like to spend the most of romantic day of your life in a unique place!


Come and take a look at fortress Kijkduin! in fortress Kijkduin walks the past, present, fantasy reality over in each other. Fortress kijkduin has everything for a wedding to remember. Getting married in one of the nostalgic vaults of the fortress.



Reception, dinner and party! All available under one roof.

The wedding ceremony takes place in a furnished underground vault. In this nostalgic atmosphere you will be welcomed by our fortress guard. An official of the civil registry in Den Helder performs the wedding and you can schoose to do this in a Napoleonic style.


Costs of the ceremony:

Monday € 250,-

Tuesday € 250,-

Wednesday € 250,-

Thursday € 250,-

Friday € 250,-

Saturday € 290,-


If you want to do your wedding ceremony in fortress Kijkduin, you schould contact the registrar. They will officially reserve the wedding hall. You can also close your wedding ceremony with a real 18th-century cannon. Costs are € 225,-


Call (+31)223 612366 and asks for the possibilities.


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