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The Kijkduin Fortress: Holland's most exciting fortress!

The French emperor Napoleon ordered the Kijkduin Fortress to be built when he was visiting Huisduinen. On your visit to the Kijkduin Fortress you can find out why it was built and what happened on this historical site before and after Napoleon!
There are guided tours but you can also visit the permanent exhibition on the history of the Fortress.
A visit to the Kijkduin Fortress is an exciting adventure you should not miss!




Misterious underground passegeways  

A visit to Fortress Kijkduin gives you information about the fortress in which over 700 soldiers were lodged. During the guided tour experienced guides will answer all your questions. You can even walk through the underground passageways if you wish to.


Following in Napoleon,s footsteps  

The Kijkduin Fortress gives you the oppertunity follow in Napoleon's footsteps.
On a personal visit to Huisduinen in 1811, the famous French emperor and 'super strategist' acknowledged the great  strategic value of Kijkduin. He called Den Helder " the Gibraltar of the North" and ordered the Kijkduin Fortress to be built.!  


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